A revolution in metastatic breast cancer diagnostics

When tissue biopsy results are not attainable, DefineMBC provides a comprehensive cancer profile that includes both cell-based and cell-free analysis

  • Circulating tumor cell immunofluorescent staining evaluates ER and HER2 protein expression

  • Single-cell genomics enables the detection of ERBB2 amplification from the nuclei of cancer cells

  • ctDNA analysis includes the assessment of microsatellite instability and tumor mutational burden as well as important genomic alterations (SNV, CNV, fusions) across 56 relevant genes

  • DefineMBC confirms metastatic breast cancer and identifies potential therapeutic targets that otherwise would go undetected with current liquid biopsies that rely on DNA sequencing alone

  • Multiple analyses result in a comprehensive clinical report that can be viewed here

DefineMBC potentially can provide information for optimal treatment decision-making at every line of therapy

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