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Oncology's future.

An article for Xconomy by Murali Prahalad, Ph.D., president and CEO of Epic Sciences, looking forward into oncology's future. The article discusses the intra- and inter- tumor diversity that is often found in cancer patients and what understanding this heterogeneity could mean for treatment.


Unbiased CTC Detection and analysis from Epic Sciences.

The Epic Sciences platform technology is designed to find CTC’s from a tube of blood with millions of cells, is adaptable to multiple sample sources and can be customized to target a variety of different biomarkers.


Epic's CSO, Dena Marinucci, named to PharmaVoice 100.

PharmaVoice has named Dena Marinucci, Ph.D. CSO of Epic Sciences, to the magazine's 2015 list of 100 outstanding professionals in the life-sciences industry. Dena was chosen as part of the group of visionary entrepreneurs who recognized an opportunity to fill an industry need and are successfully leading their companies to new heights.


Diagnostics special report.

Rocky River, DDNews — Epic Sciences has been featured in a special report on liquid biopsy. This report discussed cancer as a heterogeneous disease and reviews sample choice in research and diagnostics.


GenomeWeb: Epic Sciences collaborators share data at AACR on single caner cell analysis, CTC biomarker detection.

New York, GenomeWeb — GenomeWeb reported from the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), where several research groups presented studies using Epic Science's no cell left behind™ platform for detecting and analyzing circulating tumor cells (CTCs).