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Epic Aims to ‘Revolutionize Cancer Care'

San Diego, SDBJ — Epic Sciences' pitch: greater certainty. The company's portfolio of tests guide cancer doctors deciding on a treatment path, including a test on the market for advanced prostate cancer.


Study Shows Epic Sciences Liquid Biopsy Aids Prostate Cancer Patient Selection

San Diego, Clinical OMICs – Epic Sciences said today its liquid biopsy blood test showed in a study that it can help physicians select prostate cancer patients who are likely to benefit from a Pfizer prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-targeted therapy candidate known as BIND-014 before the start of treatment.


An Epic Approach To Liquid Biopsy

San Diego, MDDI – The liquid biopsy space continues to attract investors and bring in financings that are typically above the average amount medtech firms are able to raise. Epic Sciences is the latest liquid biopsy company to obtain funding and has raised about $52 million in a series E round.


CTC AR-V7 Assay Shows Promise as Treatment Guide in mCRPC

San Diego, OncLive — An assay for nuclear-localized androgen receptor splice variant 7 (AR-V7) protein in circulating tumor cells (CTCs) identified patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) who had better outcomes from treatment with taxanes, and those who did better with androgen receptor-signaling (ARS) inhibitors.


Blood test predicts treatment response for metastatic prostate cancer

San Diego, European Pharmaceutical Review — Testing could lead to extension of life through improved clinical decision-making by identifying patients who need to switch from targeted hormonal therapy to chemotherapy…


Study: Blood Test for Prostate Cancer Can Guide Therapy, Extend Lives

San Diego, Xconomy — Blood tests for cancer, known as liquid biopsies, have become available in recent years to guide treatments for people already diagnosed. But how useful are they? A paper published last week in the journal JAMA Oncology makes the case that one such test, Oncotype DX AR-V7 Nucleus Detect, might be worth its $3,980 price tag.


Study Validates Oncotype DX AR-V7 Chemo Prediction

New York, GenomeWeb – A newly published multi-institutional cohort study has validated Epic Sciences' circulating tumor cell-based AR-V7 test, now marketed by Genomic Health as Oncotype DX AR-V7 Nucleus Detect. The blinded study, published in JAMA Oncology, enrolled 142 patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer who were treated with either taxanes or androgen receptor signaling (ARS) inhibitors and observed for up to 4.3 years.