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Breast Cancer Panel

Understanding metastatic breast cancer one cell at a time.


Figure 1. Composites of breast cancer panel.

Epic’s new mBCa panel targets therapeutic markers across the majority of current clinical trials.  By looking at CTCs with single cell resolution, we gain insight into a patients hormonal status (ER,PR,HER2,AR), tumor heterogeneity and HRD status (CTC phenotype), in the active metastatic portion of the disease...CTCs. Using these tools we can better understand therapeutic response vs. both standard of care and clinical trial drugs throughout the course of treatment. Further, the application of single cell genomic profiling (targeted resequencing, whole genome CNV and tumor mutational burden) to these cells provides simultaneous genotypic and phenotypic insights.


Figure 2. CTCs from a single metastatic breast cancer patient at a single time point.

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