Epic Sciences, Inc. (“Epic” or “Epic Sciences”), a privately held diagnostics company, has completed a $43 million first close of its Series F financing. The company will use the capital from this additional round of private investment to continue to advance its multi-omic platform and expand operations in areas such as single-cell sequencing and data analytics infrastructure. Read Full Release
Epic Sciences’ DefineMBC™ Test Delivers Comprehensive Liquid Biopsy Results for Metastatic Breast Cancer
Epic Sciences, Inc. has added DefineMBC™, a novel comprehensive blood-based test for characterizing metastatic breast cancer, to its CLIA laboratory menu. Read Full Release
Epic Sciences And Fulgent Genetics Collaborate To Deliver DefineMBC™ Results For Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients
Epic Sciences, Inc. today announced it has partnered with Fulgent Genetics (NASDAQ:FLGT) to deliver DefineMBC comprehensive profiling results for metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients. The partnership links Fulgent’s leading CAP/CLIA certified Next Generation Sequencing services with Epic’s best-in-class cell analysis platform as part of Epic’s novel DefineMBC liquid biopsy test. Read Full Release
Epic Sciences And Biosplice Therapeutics Announce Partnership For Metastatic Cancer Trials
Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering therapeutics based on CLK/DYRK kinase modulation for major diseases, and Epic Sciences, Inc., a leading liquid biopsy diagnostic company, announce they are collaborating to incorporate multi-omic profiling in Biosplice’s clinical oncology programs, including Cirtuvivint (SM08502). Read Full Release


01.18.2022 | ZEISS
Looking for One in Many Millions
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are cells that have broken away from a primary tumor and entered the circulatory system. They can initiate new tumors (metastases) that are the driving factor for the vast majority of cancer-related deaths. Biopharma researchers, cancer researchers and oncologists have focused on the detection and analyses of CTCs to monitor drug responses and determine appropriate treatments. Read Full Article
05.02.2021 | Clinical OMICs
Shifting Paradigms in Precision Oncology
Epic Science’s core proprietary technology involves single-cell sequencing of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), but it uses ctDNA and white blood cells derived from a single blood draw in its work. Read Full Article
11.30.2020 | genomeweb
Epic Sciences, USC Michelson Center Sign Licensing Agreement for Liquid Biopsy Research

NEW YORK – Epic Sciences said on Thursday that it has signed a licensing agreement with the University of Southern California's Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience to improve the firm's liquid biopsy platform and allow for more precise characterization of rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs).

As part of the collaboration, San Diego-based Epic will have access to the center's liquid biopsy samples and expand its platform to in-depth characterization of both cell-free fractions and CTCs using genomic, proteomic, and AI-based morphological tools. Read Full Article

11.09.2020 | Clinical OMICs
Companies are rapidly advancing liquid biopsies as the go-to technology for cancer treatment monitoring and recurrence
Liquid biopsies are becoming increasingly sensitive and personal thanks to advances in next-generation sequencing and target amplification. In addition, machine learning algorithms are being used on large datasets to characterize the molecular signatures of various cancer types. Read Full Article


ISLB 2020
The Epic Sciences team presented at the virtual ISLB 2020 Annual Congress Meeting - October 30, 2020. More Info
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The Epic Sciences team will be presenting at the virtual ASCO 2020 Annual Meeting - From May 29 - 31, 2020. More Info
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The Epic Sciences team will be attending and exhibiting at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium - Booth #626 - in San Antonio, TX from December 10 - December 14, 2019. More Info
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