Virtually all men with metastatic prostate cancer will eventually develop metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), an advanced stage of the disease. With several treatment options for mCRPC, it is important to know when a class of therapy may not lead to a response.


AR-V7 by Epic Sciences is a liquid-biopsy test indicated for mCRPC patients who have failed at least one line of an AR-signaling inhibitor (ARSi) and are considering additional ARSis. AR-V7 is the only predictive and prognostic test for patients with mCRPC that:


  • Accurately identifies patients who will not benefit from ARSis1,2
  • Is predictive of improved overall survival with taxane treatment versus ARSis 1,2
  • Provides easy-to-interpret results (a positive or negative result)


Patient Indications for AR-V7 Testing

The AR-V7 test is intended for use in patients with late-stage metastatic prostate cancer who:

  • Have confirmed mCRPC

  • Have failed an AR-targeted therapy (ARSi)
  • Are considering additional AR-targeted therapies (ARSi)


Epic Sciences’ technology can see, identify, and characterize nearly all the circulating tumor cells in a blood sample, and can predict their response or resistance to one class of drugs. Specifically, the AR-V7 by Epic Sciences test identifies patients who are likely to be resistant to androgen-receptor signaling inhibitor (ARSi) therapies such as abiraterone, enzalutamide, or apalutamide. Once alerted to the likelihood of drug resistance, physicians will be empowered to make alternative treatment choices that can improve outcomes and potentially reduce costs by avoiding ineffective treatment.

Our liquid biopsy test utilizes a blood sample from a common blood draw, which is sent to the Epic Sciences’ clinical laboratory


Our liquid-biopsy test requires a sample of each patient’s blood to be sent to Epic Science’s clinical laboratory.
The sample is processed for characterization of nuclear localized AR-V7+ CTCs in our CAP accredited clinical laboratory.


The sample is processed for characterization of nuclear localized AR-V7+ CTCs in our CAP-accredited clinical laboratory.
Patient results are reported to the ordering physician, confirming the patient as either AR-V7+ (positive) or AR-V7- (negative).


Patient results are reported to the ordering physician, reporting the patient as either AR-V7+ (positive) or AR-V7- (negative).


Epic Sciences is committed to ensuring that all patients have access to medically necessary testing as determined by their healthcare provider. The Epic Support program assists patients and providers throughout the insurance coverage and billing process and offers financial assistance for qualifying patients.

Epic Support Program Overview


Epic test order received and sample released to the lab if insurance information is included


Insurance information used to estimate out-of-pocket (OOP) cost


Customer Success contacts patient if expected OOP >$100


Patient can complete Epic’s Financial Assistance Program (FAP) application at the time of test order (see link below) or Customer Success can assist with an application*

*Patients with government insurance are not eligible for Epic’s Patient Financial Assistance Program

If a patient experiences a financial hardship associated with their bill, Epic Sciences will work directly with the patient towards their complete satisfaction.

To check eligibility for Epic’s Patient Financial Assistance, please visit the online application here. For more information about our billing policies, please read the frequently asked questions.

Get Started

Beginning January 1, 2023 the AR-V7 test will be exclusively available through Epic Sciences. Paper test request forms and non-expired kits from Exact Sciences will continue to be accepted during the transition period. To download an AR-V7 by Epic Sciences test request form, click here.

To request new test kits or to schedule a meeting with a representative, please complete the form below. Have another question? Leave us a comment and we will be in touch shortly.

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