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It’s an exciting time to be at Epic, because as powerful and unique as our platform is, we’ve only scratched the surface.

Building a laboratory like we have at Epic Sciences is really the accumulation of many years of work, and being at the forefront of technologies in a number of different areas. But equally important are the people who walk through our doors each day. To a person, they are here because they truly want to make a difference.

In this regard, Epic presents a unique employment opportunity. Not because other companies aren’t also staffed with people who, at their core, desire to have an impact on cancer, but because Epic has been able to accumulate a best-in-class set of scientists, engineers, medical oncologists and others that are both incredible at what they do, and massively motivated. Their drive typically stems from personal experience with cancer — a friend or family member, perhaps — as well as the realization that Epic‘s approach is unique in the field of cancer testing. Because of this, Epic is poised to have a measurable impact on clinical outcomes. And in the end, that’s why we work here.

It’s an exciting time to be at Epic Sciences, because as powerful and unique as our platform is, we’ve only just started to tap into the cellular information in the blood as it relates to oncology. Thus, in spite of the tremendous achievements we’ve already realized, a career at Epic will be guided by continuous discovery — of new cell types, different clustering of cell types, and of new biomarkers on those cells — essentially extracting more and more information for the purpose of improving diagnostics, guiding treatment and potentially revolutionizing oncological care around the globe.

Thus far, our journey has been a truly epic experience. If that interests you, please visit our jobs portal for the details on any open position, and to apply. Thank you!

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Notice to recruiters:

Epic Sciences’ recruitment and employment operations are managed by our Human Resources department. All candidates must be presented through this avenue. If you are a recruiter, please do not contact our hiring managers or employees directly to inquire about open positions or present candidates. Complying with this request will be a factor in determining any initial or ongoing professional working relationship with Epic Sciences.

To protect the interest of all parties involved, we require an executed agreement to be in place prior to the presentation of any candidates. Epic Sciences does not accept unsolicited resumes from sources other than the candidates themselves for both current and future positions. Submission of unsolicited resumes in advance of a signed agreement between Epic Sciences and the recruiter does not create any implied obligations. Once a signed agreement is in place, the recruiter is responsible for following all submission policies set forth by Epic Sciences and ensuring that their candidates apply through the company website. If you have any questions, please contact careers@epicsciences.com.