Epic Sciences to Present at the 2nd Annual CTIC Capital Cross-Border China-US Healthcare Investment Summit.

Epic Sciences, Inc. (Epic) announces that it is one of six companies chosen to present at the second annual CTIC Capital Cross-Border China-US Healthcare Investment Summit. The summit will take place on Sunday, January 7 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.

“The 2018 CTIC Capital Cross-Border Healthcare Investment Summit serves as the definitive place for Chinese and US investors and executives to network, collaborate and build partnerships,” said Yanhong Lin, Founder and Managing Partner, CTIC Capital. “Building on the tremendous success of last year’s inaugural Summit which was the most well-attended event during JPM by top Chinese investors, this year’s conference has attracted the top Chinese healthcare investment firms and pharmaceutical companies.”

CTIC Capital screened several hundred companies along key criteria including strength of management team, strength of investors and advisors, clear competitive edge technologically, scale of market opportunities for products including their relevance in China, stage of the company and overall attractiveness to Chinese investors.

“Epic Sciences is proud to be selected as one of the six presenting companies at the 2018 CTIC Capital Cross-Border China-US Healthcare Investment Summit,” said Murali Prahalad, President & CEO of Epic.  “Given the thoughtful criteria and rigorous vetting process, Epic’s selection is a significant recognition of our progress and differentiation on a number of fronts.  Such progress includes improvements to our computer vision and machine learning based rare cell detection platform.  This technology has been used to develop a portfolio of blood-based tests of drug response in cancer that are clinically proven, predictive and personalized.  The most advanced of these tests is Epic’s AR-V7 Test – which has demonstrated predictive clinical utility of drug response in metastatic prostate cancer.  The test will be launched in the United States through a partnership with Genomic Health under the brand name Oncotype DX® AR-V7 Nucleus Detect™.  The AR-V7 test and other tests in our portfolio have the potential to extend life and improve healthcare economics worldwide. These tests have special relevance for markets like China where rapid industrialization and changing demographics have made improvements in cancer care a national priority.”

About Epic Sciences

Epic Sciences, Inc. is developing novel diagnostics to personalize and advance the treatment and management of cancer. Epic Sciences’ mission is to enable the rapid and non-invasive detection of genetic and molecular changes in cancer throughout a patient’s journey. The company was founded on a powerful platform to identify and characterize rare cells, including circulating tumor cells. Epic Sciences No Cell Left Behind® technology helps match patients to therapies and monitor for drug resistance, so that the best treatment path can be chosen at every clinical decision point. Epic Sciences has partnered with Genomic Health to commercialize the Oncotype DX® AR-V7 Nucleus DetectTM test, which helps with therapeutic decisions between taxane chemotherapy or androgen-directed therapeutics in metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer. Today, we partner with leading pharmaceutical companies and major cancer centers around the world. Epic Sciences’ goal is to increase the success rate of cancer drugs in clinical trials and improve patient outcomes by providing physicians real-time information to guide treatment choices. Epic Sciences is headquartered in San Diego.

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Epic Sciences Media Contact: Jessica Yingling, Ph.D.Little Dog Communications