Epic Sciences’ DefineMBC™ Test Delivers Comprehensive Liquid Biopsy Results for Metastatic Breast Cancer

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DefineMBC™ assesses breast cancer as it evolves in later stages and

new treatments become available

Epic Sciences, Inc. has added DefineMBC™, a novel comprehensive blood-based test for characterizing metastatic breast cancer, to its CLIA laboratory menu.

“As one of the many cancer centers eager to begin incorporating DefineMBC™, we are pleased to collaborate with the Epic team on this important launch” commented Lee Schwartzberg MD, FACP, Chief, Medical Oncology and Hematology, Renown Institute for Cancer, and Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada. “This unique capability to assess receptor status, copy number changes, as well as relevant genomic alterations from one blood draw – and on a single comprehensive report – is groundbreaking, and could absolutely change oncology practice.”

DefineMBC™ includes both cell-based and cell-free analysis from a single blood draw to provide comprehensive profiling of metastatic breast cancer when a tissue biopsy result is not available. The test’s multi-analyte methods have demonstrated impressive sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and precision in the:

  • Detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs)
  • Assessment of protein expression (HER2, ER)
  • Determination of intra-cell copy number variation (CNV) within individual CTCs
  • Plasma-based cell-free DNA analysis for identification of single nucleotide variants (SNVs), indels, fusions, CNVs from a 56-gene panel, as well as
  • The calculation of microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB)

“Developing DefineMBC™ has been an incredible Epic Sciences team effort over the past 3 years says Rick Wenstrup, Chief Medical Officer, Epic Sciences. “We have also benefitted tremendously from the input and ongoing collaboration with multiple leading breast cancer oncologists  throughout development. Patients now may have less invasive testing options and oncologists will have more information to guide treatment.” The company is committed to analyzing DefineMBC™  and other breast cancer biomarkers in clinical trials as well as drug development programs to further explore applications with current and future available therapies.

About Epic Sciences 

Epic Sciences, Inc. is developing and marketing novel diagnostics to guide therapy selection and monitor disease progression, personalizing and advancing the treatment and management of prostate and breast cancers. The Company’s liquid biopsy platform leverages proven, proprietary cell analysis capabilities as well as cell-free analysis to provide  more complete, efficient analysis and clearer insights – Comprehensive Cancer Profiling. Using its full-service CAP/CLIA-accredited laboratory and research support services, Epic Sciences partners with leading pharmaceutical companies and major cancer centers around the world to improve patient outcomes.

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