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Valuable Insights – Cell by Cell, From Discovery to Launch

Our clinical solutions, proven by partnerships, help accelerate drug development and expedite commercialization with valuable insights into the dynamics of cancer growth, evolution and heterogeneity. Our proprietary, non-biased approach and best-in-class technology allows us to see and identify all circulating tumor cells (CTCs), immunology cells, and other rare cells in a sample, and link their response/resistance to an extensive list of drug classes, in real time.

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phase I/IB

  • • Biomarker discovery
  • • Novel PD marker development
  • • Target and marker prevalence in larger cohorts
  • • Efficacy analysis

phase II

  • • Retrospective studies for marker efficacy
  • • Prospective patient selection
  • • Clinical analysis comparing marker efficacy vs. established endpoints
  • • Identification of resistance signatures

phase III

  • • LDT to PMA
  • • Prospective analysis and CDx development
  • • Regulatory support
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Lung Cancer

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functional cell profiling (FCP) insights

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